Twitter pics

Here's some fan art I've posted in various places over the last little while. Turtie is by Steve Wolfhard, Pidgeon with tits is by Ryan Pequin and Battle Kittens is by Rebecca Dart.

(click on the kitty for a larger version)


Crappy pic I took (I really need a new scanner) of my drawing from the Turtle Table at the Vancouver ComicJam last night w/ Claire Gibson, Brian Fukushima and Cope.

Also, and I am embarrassed to say this: I have a twitter now @skullcano.


Guys, I lost my wedding ring. It's been over a week now and I can't find it anywhere, and I'm kinda freaking out over it. I'm going to have to replace it, but I don't have the money to do that. I'm not begging for donations, but (for the 1st time) I am opening myself up for commissions.

$20 = a black and white inked drawing of your choosing sent to your home. $30 gets you a black and white ink drawing + a digitally colored version sent to you as a large printable file.

Every little bit helps!

skullcano {at} gmail

Do you have an Art Blog?

Live Journal is becoming a bit of a ghost town lately, which sucks, 'cause I love LJ. Seems like everybody is so scattered across the internet nowadays. Facebook and Twitter are so temporary, it can be discouraging to work hard on a comic and then get no feedback because of the time of day you posted it...

Anyway, I made a hub. If you have an art blog, or a wordpress site or whatever, I can add it to the hub. Your most recent post will always stay on the roll.

Just send me an email (
With the following information:
Your name
Your blog address
An email address you want any SSS email to be sent to.

The email address you provide will not be given out to any companies or anything like that, it's only used for SSS communication.

The Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show

Dudes! It’s TIME!! The Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show runs from April 2nd to April 29th at the Wallflower Modern Diner. Come out to the opening event on April 2nd and hobnob with local comic folk.

Many Comic Jam regulars will have artwork created for the show on display. The mission was for each artist to create one panel of artwork. All panels are available for sale, and most are priced at under $75.

Those details again:
When: Saturday, April 2nd @ 8pm
Where: The Wallflower Modern Diner @ 2420 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
What: An art show, dummy! Bring your fine artistic tastes and your fat wallets!

Artists who will have art on display:

Andrew Scott Clark
Carrie McKay
Christine Vivier
Colin Upton
Donald King
Doug Savage
Ed Brisson
Jackie Klobucar
James Lloyd
Jason Copland
Jason Turner
Jeff Ellis
Jenna Sokalski
Josué Menjivar
Julian Lawrence
Marie-Pierre Maingnon
Mike Myhre
Mindy Fraser
Kristin Sayer
Rebecca Dart
Robin Bougie
Robin Thompson
Sean Esty
Steve Rolston
Susan Ferguson
Toren Atkinson
and more!

Nibbus Maximus

A quick follow-up to my earlier post, from back in September 2010.

Jim Woodring's dream has at last become a real-life object! Nibbus Maximus, a 7 foot long nib pen, is now deftly putting ink onto paper.

You gotta love Jim Woodring; he's not doing this as a promotion for his own line of new products, no, he just thinks more people should try using nib-pens. Fantastic! I wrestled with nibs briefly in the past, but found the process frustrating, so I shelved it. I mostly work digitally these days on a cintiq, but more and more often I'm longing for the feel of the tooth of a page as a brush or pen is pulled across it. hmmmph. We'll see.

Glen Fleishman's photostream of the unveiling of Jim Woodring's giant pen here.